The Inclusive Community-UCC
A new vision of Christianity since 1986
Celebrating our 25th Year
Rev. Dr. Anthony T. Padovano, Pastor

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Service 11:00am
Stanley Congressional Church
94 Fairmont Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928


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Inclusive Community
The Inclusive Community Prayer
Gracious God, we thank you for calling us to faith in the name of Jesus and through the life of the Spirit.  We are aware that Jesus called all disciples to love one another as he loved us and to become a united community of love and service.

Help us to celebrate the diverse gifts and traditions of the Catholic and Protestant Churches and to harmonize these into a lived experience as we seek ever to become more dedicated Christians.  May our hearts be sensitive to each other's traditions.

Enable our Inclusive Community to become a witness to all of the imperative need to heal the fractured Christian family.  Be with us as we break bread together every Sunday and as we share the Word of God.

Gracious God, make us instruments of your peace, ministers of your love, witnesses of faith and justice, apostles of hope, and a community of grace. Amen.