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Celebrating our 25th Year
Rev. Dr. Anthony T. Padovano, Pastor

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Inclusive Community
****Read more about The Inclusive Community's 25th Year Celebration****
The Inclusive Community, created in 1986, seeks to heal the divisions between the Christian Churches.  It invites Catholics and Protestants to celebrate every Sunday the breaking of the bread in memory of the commandment that we must love one another.  When the churches take the Gospel as their central mission, all denominational differences are relativized.

The Inclusive Community reaches out to those burdened by religious differences and inspired by hope for a better future.  It offers a message of freedom and grace, of healing and community, of hope and vision.

We cannot unite the churches by reason and doctrinal consensus alone.  Unity is the consequence of spiritual bonding, of standing in awe together before the God who is more than the Churches.

The Inclusive Community justifies its existence and its faith in the proclamation of the Gospel, in the celebration of the sacraments, in the ministry of social justice but, preeminently, in the character of the community it gathers. 


Worship and Communion every Sunday 11:00 AM

President, Church Council-Wayne Ortelli