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Professional Storytelling
“You, I, each of us and our families are a unique story!

Resident Story Teller – Fred Quinn

Teller of Tales to listeners from 3 on up

Themes for Children include:
  • Character Education
  • Seasonal,
  • Historical
  • Just Plain Fun!

Themes for adults include:

  •  A Trip Down Memory Lane,

  • Musical Background Stories,

  • Stories About Entertainers,

  • Inspiring Stories, Love Stories (how they met)

  • and More!

Fred performs at Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Clubs of all kinds, including Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Organizational & Professional, as well as Senior Groups, Churches and Schools.

Anywhere in NJ where there are folks who enjoy a good story, Fred will be there. (Elsewhere Fred may be able to refer you to someone.)

Performances include music, memorabilia, stories, jokes and much more.

References furnished upon request.

Proceeds from Fred’s performances go to The Inclusive Community to support our vision and help us continue our Ministry.

You can reach Fred at his web site: or by email at

PS: Fred is fluent in Spanish